Homecoming Dance

Thu, 10/12/2017 - 11:44am

Reservoir’s Homecoming Dance this year will take place on Saturday, October 21 from 7 to 10 PM.  In addition to having a DJ and dancing in the Main Gym, we have other fun activities available for all students.

Homecoming Ticket Information: Reservoir's homecoming dance will take place Saturday, October 21st from 7-10 pm.  Tickets  are $15, and will be sold online until October 15th and during all lunch shifts October 16th to October 19th.  Any student wishing to purchase a ticket must have an up to date HCPSS Connect account, and not have any outstanding debts to the school.  Please stop by the front office to take care of any debts.  http://www.hcpss.org/connect/guides/

If you would like to bring a guest, please complete the dance guest form and have it ready to be turned in when you purchase your tickets.

All Howard County public school rules are in effect at this school sponsored activity.  Students must arrive by 8 PM and be picked up no later than 10 PM.  The school system dress code will be followed and semi-formal attire is required (no hats, jeans or sweatpants).  Students who leave the dance will not be permitted reentry.  If you have any questions about the dance or tickets, please contact either our SGA Sponsors, Ms. Julie Frisvold or Mr. David Burke.