Student Services Office

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Meet our School Counselors

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Student Services Counselors for the 2021-2022 school year are:

A-Br                 Ramona Potter      

Bs-Fe               Stephanie Thurmon

Fg-Ja                Brian Drnec         

Jb-Mb               Meredith Bauer    

Mc-Pav             Lindsay Beil         

Paw-Sop            Jill Altshuler         

Soq-Z                Ellen Mauser         


Academic Information:  

HCPSS Graduation Requirements:  Policy 8030 for HCPSS outlines all of the graduation requirements required by Howard County Public Schools.

Catalog of Approved High School Courses:  The Catalog of Approved Courses includes general information about HCPSS academics and programs AND a description of all courses offered in Howard County.  If you have any questions about courses or programs, this is a great resource.

Jump Start Program:  Interested in getting a “jump start” on college courses?  Visit this website and learn about all the dual credit options available through HCPSS and HCC.

Frequently Asked Questions:

MVA Learner's Permit:   The MVA is no longer requiring schools to verify attendance for students wanting to take the learner's permit test. 

Work Permit:  Work permits are required for all minors under the age of 18 who work in Maryland.  Work permits are completed online and DO NOT require verification from the school.

Post High School Planning Information:

Transcript Request Process


CURRENT RHS STUDENTS needing transcripts sent to colleges and universities, please use this fillable PDF form.  Once completed, this form should be emailed to

CURRENT RHS STUDENTS needing a single transcript for scholarship purposes, dual enrollment, internships, personal use (unofficial transcripts) or any other non-college related request, please use this Current Student Transcript Form

POST-GRADUATE TRANSCRIPT REQUESTS for RHS students who graduated within the past 5 years (Class of 2016-2020), please use this Graduate Student Transcript Form

POST-GRADUATE TRANSCRIPT REQUESTS for RHS students who graduated more than 5 years ago, please email to request a copy of your transcript.
For any transcript related questions, please email


Withdraw and Enrollment Information

To enroll your student please go to and follow the instructions to register.  Either Ms. Merwitz or Mrs. Mandile will contact you once you have completed the online registration forms. 
To withdraw your student please email either Ms. Mandile ( or Ms. Merwitz.(