Student Services Office

Student Services Contact Information

Phone Number:  410-888-8860
Fax:  410-888-8862
CEEB College Board School Code:   210-557


Meet our School Counselors

Ramona Potter                   9th-11th: A-B      12th: A-Br
Stephanie Thurmon            9th-11th:  C-D    12th: Bs-Fe
Brian Drnec                         9th-11th:  E-H     12th:  Fg-Ja   
Sarah Marzolf                      9th-11th:   I-Mal  12th: Jb-Mb
Dayshima Jackson              9th-11th:  Mam-Pa 12th: Mc-Pav
Mary Barbeito                      9th-11th: Pb-St   12th: Paw-Sto
Ellen Mauser                       9th-11th: Su-Z    12th: Str-Z
Michael Krouse                    College and Career Readiness Counselor

Meet our Office Staff

Paola Giorello                        Secretary 
Jennifer Douglass                 Data Clerk
Graciela Luna                       Registrar Students Go-Z
Jennifer Nelson                    Registrar: Students  A-Gn  

Meet our Support Staff

Jonathan Montalvo Roman  Hispanic Achievement Liaison
Demika Johnson                Black Student Achievement Program
AnnMarie Kasuda              School Psychologist
Previn Verghese                School Psychologist
Lisa Dickerson-Guerra      School Social Worker
Krystal Williams                 School Social Worker
Carly Lebherz                    School Social Worker
Reina Arevalo                    School Social Worker
Donna Blackwell                Pupil Personnel Worker

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