HCPSS Free Student RTA Bus Pass Program

Wed, 09/06/2023 - 6:46am

Dear Reservoir Families:
Thanks to a continued partnership between HCPSS, Howard County Government, and Regional Transportation Agency (RTA), all HCPSS middle and high school students have access to free RTA bus passes through summer 2024. Students have full access to the RTA system and are not limited to transportation to and from schools or to school-related activities.
If your child is interested, complete this google form (https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSf0O_ucuiNGTteCJtNCSDYmEKaZE5PTbQ2H1a3MHWCpQkNFfg/viewform ) using your child’s school account to request a free pass. Once completed, a staff member will distribute the pass to your child during the school day. To obtain the free student bus pass, students must agree to: ​
Provide name/student ID, address & grade to school staff​
Maintain possession of the pass ​
Not transfer or share the pass with others​
Abide by Howard County Public School System rules while on-board'
Note: If the pass is lost or misplaced, only one replacement pass will be provided to the student.
For more information on RTA and detailed schedule information, please visit www.transitRTA.com or call 1-800-270-9553.
Dr. Karim Shortridge