Quarter 3 Virtual Schedules Update

Thu, 01/21/2021 - 8:56am

HCPSS staff have gathered feedback about the HCPSS virtual learning model from students, teachers, administrators, and families, and consulted with leadership from both the Howard County Educators Association and Howard County Administrators Association to discuss potential changes to be implemented in the future. 

As a result of these discussions, the following scheduling changes will take effect at the start of the third quarter on Monday, Feb. 1. At all levels, Wednesday remains an asynchronous work day. Detailed scheduling information for all grade levels is provided online.

Elementary Level Changes
At the elementary level, students will engage in an additional 20 minutes of whole group writing instruction for four days each week. This instructional time will be built into the existing language arts or synchronous supports block.

To support asynchronous related arts assignments in the primary grades, related arts teachers will provide office hours each week to support students in grades kindergarten through second grade. 

Secondary Level Changes
At the secondary level, the schedule will be restructured to allow for synchronous support blocks to follow each class period. This change allows for greater flexibility to meet student needs and provide small group supports. Students will be expected to attend at least one synchronous support for each class each week. View middle and high school quarter three sample student schedules.