PTSA To Sponsor After-Prom

Wed, 03/22/2017 - 2:09pm

*ALL* Parents – PTSA After-Prom Needs *YOU*!
The PTSA After-Prom Party will be held at the Columbia Bowling Center from 12 AM – 4 AM on April 30, immediately following Prom (April 29, 8 PM – 11 PM).  After-Prom provides a safe, fun, alcohol/drug-free venue for students to continue celebrating after Prom.  *EVERYONE* can help in one of these ways:

  1. Donate incentive prizes to be awarded throughout the event.  No donation is too small!  Needs range from $10 gift cards to gift baskets and bigger ticket items.  Donate specific items, or just donate $ to be used toward the prizes.  Check out the list here:  PTSA After Prom Information
  2. Volunteer to help set up or chaperone.  Being around our fabulous upper-classmen as they celebrate this special night is a lot of fun.  This is particularly a great opportunity for parents of freshmen and sophomores to learn a bit about what’s coming in the next few years:
  3. Promote After-Prom with your students. Juniors and seniors can attend After-Prom even if they don’t attend prom. It’s a great event for groups of friends to attend together. Tickets are $10 for unlimited cosmic bowling, a gaming trailer, arcade games, board games, hanging out watching sitcoms, food, drinks, and lots of prizes (gift cards for hitting special bowling pins; Crescendo of Cash prizes totalling $1600; Bigger Ticket Electronics valued at $1000; Silent Auction prizes like Ravens fan baskets, beach gift coolers, etc.). Why host a party yourself when we’re throwing one for them? Purchase tickets before spring break to get bonus prize entries and increase their chances to win!