Thu, 03/02/2023 - 7:05am

The Spring Application is only for students who will have completed the requirements by the end of the school year.  If you applied in the fall, you do not need to re-apply. 


The Reservoir Scholars Program promotes advanced academic opportunities for our highest-level learners, challenging them to maximize their intellectual potential and enhance their high school learning experiences.  

In order to earn the distinction of "Reservoir Scholar," students must:  

  1. Successfully complete FIVE or more AP classes (*) in a MINIMUM of THREE of the disciplines listed below. Students must earn a final grade of "B" or better and must have completed the corresponding AP exam (or taking this May).  If you are currently taking the course, your Q1 and Q2 grades must be a B or better. Those disciplines are: Computer Science, English, Fine Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, and World Languages. 
  2.  *As an option for one/two of the five required AP courses, a student may also successfully complete the Independent Research GT and/or Intern Mentor GT courses (including the portfolio presentation component). 
  3. *Another option would be to take the reciprocal classes at HCC.  A final grade of “B” is also, required, but the AP exam is not. A transcript will be required for evidence.  Transcript may be unofficial. 
  4.  Maintain a weighted 3.4 GPA  
  5. Meet all state and local requirements for graduation.  

Get your application HERE or see  Mr. Drnec or Mrs. Tray in the Student Services office.