Class of 2023- Work Release and College Release Time

Wed, 05/18/2022 - 12:33pm

Work Release & College Release Time

Below you will find the forms to request Work Release or College Release for your senior year schedule.  IMPORTANT REMINDER: Students are not to be on HCPSS property during the periods they have Release Time in their schedule.  If you are not able to leave school every day during your Release Time periods, you will be given a class at RHS. Make sure you have reliable transportation all year to accommodate your Release Time periods. 

Once you have completed your form, please return it to your School Counselor.

Student Aide/Peer Tutors

If you would like to be an Aide or Peer Tutor, please touch base with the teacher you would like to be with to see if they are interested in having an Aide or Peer Tutor so they can formally request you.