PTSA and HC DrugFree Presentation

Mon, 04/09/2018 - 2:08pm

Parents, PTSA is happy to work with HC DrugFree as they present an informative lecture to help you learn how to keep your children away from drug use and to direct you to resources should you ever need them. Learn what drugs are prevalent in Howard County.  Learn what your children already know about drug use in the county.   Learn the relationship between alcohol, cannabis (marijuana), and legal prescription drugs and how the use of these drugs could lead your child down a path of drug use and addiction.  Learn what resources are available to you to gain more information or to get help for a struggling child.  The presentation is geared to parents but students, middle school and high school, are welcome to attend. 
We hope you will join us for this worthwhile and informative presentation.  Prom is just three weeks away, senior trips to Ocean City are just around the corner, lazy summer days are two months away (although you wouldn’t know it right now).  These are opportunities for our children to stumble, we want to help you learn how to keep them standing, growing, and moving forward in a positive and healthy way. 
If you have any questions contact Liliana Flores at or Christine Bulbul at