High School Course Registration Begins January 3

Fri, 01/05/2018 - 2:59pm

Course Registration for 2018-2019

Throughout this week, students will be receiving information and training on how to request courses for next year. Students will receive a copy of their High School Course Registration form and directions.  The course registration process is online through HCPSS Connect. 

All students must choose 7.0 credits and 3 alternates for next year. All students must enter their course requests by January 19th. NOTE: A student no longer needs to “lock” their requests, just make sure they have 7 credits and 3 alternates. If a student has any questions prior to January 19th, he/she should email his/her counselor.

  • Ms. Packman (A-Cg)     Linda_packman@hcpss.org
  • Ms. Thurmon (Ch-Gl)    Stephanie_thurmon@hcpss.org
  • Mr. Drnec (Gm-K)          brian_drnec@hcpss.org
  • Ms. Beil (L-O)                Lindsay_beil@hcpss.org
  • Ms. Altshuler (P-Sm)    Jill_altshuler@hcpss.org
  • Mr. White (Sn-Z)           Frank_white@hcpss.org

If a student has any questions or needs assistance with completing the online course registration, Student Services will be open during the weekly Gator Time/break on Wednesdays.

We encourage all families to talk with their students about their course requests and choose the classes together. Parents/guardians will receive an email (the one on file in HCPSS Connect) on February 16th with the requested courses and alternates. If there needs to be a change to a teacher-recommended course, the student and his/her parent/guardian must complete the Course Placement Review (on the back of their High School Course Registration form) and turn it into Student Services by January 19th.

Attached are some resources to assist when selecting courses.

  1. Online video tutorial: Synergy Online Course Requirements
  2. Step by step directions: Students Registration Directions
  3. Supplemental directions for students
  4. 2018-2019 course catalog