Advanced Placement Test Registration 2017

Mon, 01/23/2017 - 10:58am

AP Test registration begins February 2, 2017. Register before March 15 to avoid a $20 late fee.

How to Register for the 2017 AP Test

  1. Login to your Naviance account. See your counselor if you don’t know what this is.
  2. Select the “About Me” tab
  3. Select  “2017 AP Exam Registration” Survey
  4. Carefully follow the direction on the survey
  5. When you have completed the survey, use the browser controls to print the page.
  6. Have a parent or guardian sign the printed survey in the required fields.
  7. Staple your check or online payment receipt to the Naviance printout and place it in the AP Registration box in Student Services

Your registration is not complete until you complete this step!

How can you confirm that you are registered for an AP Test?

Check with your AP teacher. Every week of registration your teacher will be updated on the registration status of his/her students.

Need more information?

  • Ask your AP teacher
  • Ask your counselor
  • Visit College Board - AP Student
  • Email the AP Coordinator for RHS, Mr. Wentworth, at

*How do you pay for your test online?

  • Visit RHS Gators Website
  • Select “Online Payments” from the Essential Application on the home page
  • Select Reservoir High School
  • Follow the directions to purchase your 2017 AP Tests
  • Print your receipt and attach it to your Naviance survey
  • Paying online does not automatically register you for an AP Test!